Your feet are the beating heart of your daily wellbeing, show them some appreciation with a tiled foot spa

A Treat for your Feet

Experience our Bespoke Tiled Foot Spas

We spend a lot of time on our feet and put them through a lot, so why not give your feet (or those of your clients) a little pampering with a bespoke tiled foot spa from Aachen Wellness.

Our tiled foot spas are a fantastic way to alleviate the tension and stress of a long day and are the perfect attribute to any home or spa and wellness facility in search of some additional luxury. All our bespoke tiled foot spas provide cold and hot options for the feet as part of a total reflexology treatment. Sit back and relax as jets of water bubble around your feet working to induce a sense of calm and fix your tired feet after a long day.

The therapeutic effects of foot spas include improved circulation, muscle relaxation, a reduction in inflammation, relief from arthritis, therapy for light injuries such as sprains as well as higher energy levels and better sleeping patterns.

Completely Customised Tiled Foot Spas

At Aachen Wellness, we strive to make your foot spa unique to any other. We can tailor to any space, including those with pools with our wall fitting or standalone options.

Since our tiled foot spas are designed specifically for each customer, you can incorporate a range of unique features and optimise your foot spa to best suit your space and your needs from tiled or stainless-steel foot-wells, the shape and style and number of seats, the number of armrests and the operation of the foot-wells. While our tiles form seating and foot-wells of a distinct aesthetic that perfectly complement and elevate the surrounding area for an even more soothing sensation.

Every foot spa unit is also designed with ease of maintenance in mind, with the plant equipment installed under or behind the tiled foot spas or in a separate area.

Ready to take your wellness to the next level?

Our bespoke tiled foot spas are designed with you in mind...