Let Aachen Wellness take you on a journey of mind and body with our bespoke steam rooms specially designed for commercial or personal use

Steam Your Way to Better Health

Bespoke Steam Rooms

The joys of steam bathing have been appreciated for centuries. Their purifying qualities stimulate blood flow, absorbing toxins from the skin and allowing you to relax and unwind tight muscles.

Designed with the ultimate experience in mind, our bespoke steam rooms provide unrivalled looks, finish quality and longevity; with design innovation, technical prowess, craftsmanship, project management and project delivery.

Unmatched within our industry, Aachen Wellness designs are not available off-the-shelf and are created specifically for you, to help you realise your vision.

Bespoke Design and Custom Built

When you order your steam room, we will provide you with layout drawings and 3D renders so you will know exactly what you are buying.

You can have a precise visualisation of what your steam room will look like and be sure that all tiling, layouts and specifications meet your wishes.

All equipment used is manufactured to the highest standards right here in the UK, which means we can avoid high delivery charges or long lead times.

Ready to pick up steam?

Our bespoke steam rooms are designed with you in mind…