Standard in name but definitely not in nature, choosing our standard sauna will ensure that superb build quality is met with affordability

Relax and Soak Up the Heat

Top Quality Affordable Saunas

A classic, stylish design typical of a traditional sauna, the walls and ceilings of our standard saunas are lined with a simplistic interior of Canadian spruce and obeche timbre, creating a cosy and simplistic flair.

We will attentively install your own personal hub, allowing the emitted heat to rejuvenate both your body and mind.

We want each sauna experience to leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. We can cater to any space and work towards any vision you may personally have in mind whilst always remaining cost effective.

Built with quality Materials and High Standards

Our standard saunas are custom-made with top quality Canadian spruce timbers lining the bespoke walls. The benches on our standard saunas are manufactured using Obeche timber. From the initial concept and designs right through to installation, we will work with you to ensure your sauna meets your needs perfectly.

The standard sauna is a medium cost sauna and can be fitted with a range of added extras, such as:

  • Wall-mounted sauna heater
  • Hidden-under-bench sauna heater
  • Traditional 240v corner light and shade
  • Ceiling LED lighting – red, blue, amber, green, white
  • LED up-lights built into the backrests
  • LED under-bench lighting
  • Speakers for music

Ready to relax in style?

Our bespoke saunas are designed with you in mind…