Combine the healing properties of mud with the cleansing power of steam in a beautiful bespoke rasul mud room

Relaxed – reinvigorated, and beautifully exfoliated

The Rasul Mud Room Experience

The Rasul mud treatment is a centuries old traditional Arabian body bathing ritual.

A Rasul treatment uses mineral-rich mud of various colours and ingredients, along with heat and steam to provide a deep cleanse with exfoliation which nourishes the skin.

The intense combination of mud, heat and steam encourages many things from blood flow to complexion, while it revives tissues, relieves rheumatic issues and soothes aching muscles.

Rasul mud rooms are very popular in Wellness treatment areas as they can be installed away from pool sides.

Aachen Wellness will design, build and install your luxury Rasul mud room to your exact specifications and are the perfect luxury enhancement to any commercial or home spa facility.

All our Rasul mud rooms combine a tiled steam room with heated seating, a relaxation area and are fully automatic with LED colour changing fibre optics.

A Feature Shower is installed within the reparation area for warm water rinse after the treatment is complete.

Harness the Benefits of Mineral Mud

Generally, Rasul mud room treatment begins with an application of smooth warm mud selected specially for its mineral rich properties, to the face and body.

Then it’s into the Rasul chamber, where the heat hardens the mud and helps to detoxify the skin, before an infusion of steam and essence aromas fills the room to soften the mud, opening pores and allowing your body to naturally absorb the mud’s natural nutrients.

Finally, a shower sequence is activated to remove the mud. Sequences are flagged by LED lighting which changes colour at each stage.

Ready to take your wellness to the next level?

Our bespoke Rasul mud rooms are designed with you in mind...