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Refresh and Reinvigorate with an Ice Room

At Aachen Wellness our bespoke ice rooms epitomise the sense of rejuvenation and are quickly becoming the popular spa experience of choice within Wellness centres and health and fitness clubs across the UK and Europe. These highly specialised treatment rooms can seamlessly fit alongside your saunas or steam rooms and provide users with a unique, refreshing and health-giving experience.

For those looking to rebalance and cool down the body after a workout or heat treatment experience, a rapid change in temperature from a warm to a cold environment can produce a variety of health benefits for the body. Ice Rooms and Ice Fountains are used to accelerate this change in temperature. Ice Fountains deliver crushed ice into a bowl for an invigorating cool down body rub after a thermal treatment. Benefits include helping with circulation, promoting weight management (in combination with a healthy diet and exercise), increasing willpower and motivation, relieving stress and sleep issues.

About our Ice Rooms

Our ice rooms feature water-cooled seats and temperature-controlled air set at approximately 18 degrees. This can be further complimented with a mint aroma introduced into the room to accompany the ice fountain in the centre.

Ice chambers or igloo-themed ice rooms are built using either a glass block style outer shell or a ‘Wedi tiled’ style finish.

Aachen Wellness also supply you with ice stations and ice pedestals that can be installed against a wall. Pedestals do not require as much space as igloos. Our ice stations, often the focal point of a room, are equipped with LED lighting installed which will give our ice room an authentic blue glow.

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