Relax your mind and muscles as you soak up the heat of a beautifully crafted hemlock sauna

Melt Your Stress Away

Beautiful and Hygienic Hemlock Saunas

There is no greater importance when designing your sauna than your choice of wood. In terms of practical woods, heat absorption is key.

The wood you choose should be soft in order to soak up steam without overheating. The sturdy, yet soft, knot-free wood of Canadian Hemlock is perfect for saunas. Its scentless resin has a fresh and clean look imbued with slight grain patterns. Hemlock can sustain extreme conditions and will not warp. It radiates heat evenly and has been a popular sauna design for people with wood sensitivities.

Since Hemlock boards contain no knots and are all the same colour, Hemlock saunas have a smoother, cleaner timber finish compared to saunas made from other types of wood. Our engineers use a hidden nail system to ensure a completely uniform, blemish-free appearance.

In order to create durable saunas with an optimum climate, we pay extremely close attention to the quality of our materials and workmanship, resulting in the perfect bespoke sauna for your home or commercial premises.

A Deluxe Sauna Built to Your Requirements

Hemlock saunas have several extras available to choose from, including:

  • Wall-mounted sauna heater
  • Hidden under-bench sauna heater
  • Traditional 240v corner light and shade
  • Ceiling LED lighting – red, blue, amber, green, white
  • LED up-lights built into the backrests
  • LED under-bench lighting
  • Speakers for music

Ready to relax in style?

Our bespoke hemlock saunas are designed with you in mind…