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A New Dimension in Showering

Bespoke Feature Showers

Feature (or experience) showers are the perfect complement to any wellness area and ideal for spas, swimming pools and health clubs.

Used to heat up or cool down and stimulate the circulatory system between various wellness experiences, the feature shower is an important part of any spa treatment, as the temperature changes boost the immune system and improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Enhancing the routine bathroom experience, feature showers can be enhanced with the addition of bespoke lighting, fibre optics and audio system to set the mood and help promote wellness and relaxation as you revel under thermostatically controlled hot or invigorating cold water.

Paired with waterfall shower systems and spa jets which work together simultaneously for a vigorously drenched effect, this combination can really create extra zest or relaxation to your shower routine.

For the more traditional feeling, you could also install a drench bucket, that with the pull of a chain the bucket of cold-water empties over the bather (just like jumping into a plunge pool).

Shower in Style

Available for installation into your own shower surround or into a specially pre-formed “C” or “S” shaped enclosure, our bespoke feature showers offer the ultimate in luxury shower experiences.

A stimulating experience shower designed to heighten your senses with different types of water flow and mood lighting, our options for feature showers are endless.

Our dedicated in-house design team are available to consult on and find you the perfect solution for your luxury development or private client project.

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