Unique luxury spa solutions to bring your dream spa and wellness facilities to life and compliment your surrounding in every respect

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it

Excellence in Domestic & Commercial Spa Design

At Aachen Wellness, we provide an enduring range of multi-jet spa pools and swim spas, combining creativity with style, functionality with quality and aesthetic brilliance with unadulterated luxury.

Each commercial and domestic spa is engineered and manufactured to the highest specification and is renowned in the industry for exceptional innovation and superior design.

Ergonomic spa seats are fitted with different jets of varying intensity, so you or your clients can relax specific parts of the body by changing the combinations of jets in the seats.

Forget about time as the stresses and strains of your day melt away with a soft, soothing massage in their calming waters, or be rejuvenated with a toning, energizing massage, to get you ready for the day ahead.

Bespoke Domestic And Commercial Spas

Whatever you decide, we have a wide selection of commercial and domestic spa pools and swim spas offering sophisticated stylish designs, impeccable finishes and perform to the very highest standards.

Our commercial spas are ideal for use in many leisure related businesses, including hotels, fitness centres, country clubs and beauty salons where relaxation is part of the service.

Whether your spa is used for domestic or professional purpose, keeping the water scrupulously clean is an essential requirement. Our filtering systems have a very modern look which conceals the filters whilst the large filtering surface of the cartridge filter, ensures the water is cleaned quickly and effectively, providing superior filtration and, as a result, incomparable cleanliness.’

Ready to bring your dream spa to life?

Our bespoke luxury spa and wellness solutions are designed with you in mind...