The Freyja Premier Steam Room.

Freyja Steam Room

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Freyja Bespoke Steam Room
Aachen Wellness design and build bespoke Steam Rooms, all of our bespoke steam rooms are manufacture at our UK based factory. The Freyja Steam Room is the Aachen wellness deluxe specification Steam Room often supplied to the High end commercial market and the domestic market.
Commercial and domestic bespoke Steam Rooms can be designed any shape or size to suit individual requirements, Steam room tiling spec’s can be chosen by the client, steam room seating comes in several different shapes and sizes and can also be chosen by the client. The Freyja Steam Room is designed to have curved seating and backrests, Coffered ceiling, essence injection and fibre optic lighting
Aachen wellness Steam Room doors come in two different sizes, standard Steam Room door or a Disable access Steam Room door.
If you have any questions or require a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us

For pricing and design enquiries, please call 01772 617063