About Aachen Wellness

Our showroom consists of:
2 x new saunas; one sauna has been built sporting two different sauna specs. Half the sauna is a standard new sauna specification and the other half is our deluxe new sauna specification, the second sauna is an herbal new sauna designed with scorched wood and herbal sauna essences.
3 x Steam Rooms: The first steam room has been built also sporting two different steam room specs, half the steam room is our standard new steam room specification and the other half is our deluxe new steam room specification. The second new steam room design is a Caldarium which a steam room with heated seats and this steam room operators at a lower temperature than the standard steam room and deluxe steam room. The third new steam room specification is also known as a Japanese Salt room,  the steam room can have heated seats or heated loungers built in to the room and once the steam room is in operation salt is injected into the room. This is to assist to respiratory system as an extra treatment.
1 x Dry Salt Room: The Dry Salt Room is coated in salt and has heated loungers, LED lights, Fibre Optics and aroma injection systems as standard.
1 x Rasul Room: The Rasul Room (also known as a mud room) is a combination of dry heat like a sauna and then wet steam like a steam room, Fibre Optic lighting, LED lights and essence injection systems.
1 x Tiled Footspa: The tiled footspa is a two seater footspa but we offer bespoke designs including single seater tiled footspa, two seater tiled footspa and three seater footspa. We have several designs for the tiled footspa allowing each one to be unique to each client.
1 x Tepidarium: This tiled heated room has built in heated loungers; it is a room for relaxation following all the heated treatments that come before it. The Tepidarium consists of LED Lighting, Fibre Optics, Music and a TV. 
2 x Feature Showers: Our Feature showers can be made to suit any shape and size: the four warm shower head are accompanied by two red LED lights and the large drench cold shower head has two blue LED lights accompanying it. Essence aromas can also be introduced on request.
1 x Igloo: The Aachen Wellness igloo shown on the home page is the centre piece of our show room, curved glass block walls, mosaic seating, central ice pedestal and mint aroma essence refresh you instantly. The room is set at a constant 18 degrees, after any heated treatments this cold refreshing experience is a must.

The Asgard Range